Look, we are the true and real Hopi traditionals. We control the land and our tribe. This guy here is nothing, nobody. He is Bahanna!

Issue Number 42


Greetings, with much regret we delayed this issue. There were a number of things which needed our attention. In addition to working our fields and attending to the ceremonials there were also political matters.

We again remind you we always appreciate your support and encouragement when our future looks gloomy. Often concerned people write or ask how they can help in preserving our culture and tradition. We do need help, of course, but there is no easy answer. Through our experiences over the years we have tried to make the Bahanna Government understand why we want to keep our culture and tradition alive. We reject all their proposals to help us by their own ways because Hopi know it is a trick to take control over our life and land.

To help we usually suggest political pressure on the Hopi Progressive Council and the Government. As we know, this course was taken a number of times but always came to a standstill. Because of an obstacle, our village is not Federally recognized. Now we realize the political pressure from our supporters has been having some effect, some of the programs of the opposition have failed to materialize. So to this day we are the lat remaining village preserving the Hopi culture and tradition.


The following letter we received from the self proclaimed so-called "Hotevilla Village Committee" to leaders of Hotevilla inviting the following to their future meetings: Hopi Tribal Council, Telephone Co., Indian Health Service, BIA Road Construction, BIA Superintendent and Chief Pongyayouma who is affiliated with the Tribal Council and recognized by the Government but who is not recognized as a chief by the religious leaders and people of Hotevilla. The letter:

You and members of your organization are invited to attend all future meetings which will be held at the Hotevilla Community Building. These meetings will be planning sessions. Surveys conducted indicated a majority of residents need such services as: water, sewers, telephone and better roads. Residents requesting such services are signing petitions to support these projects.

Do not confuse this letter as requesting your permission or approval of these projects. This is to inform you that these projects will be implemented based on the needs and the wants of the majority of residents. You will be notified once these meetings have been scheduled. If you re aware of other funding sources that could be utilized to improve the condition of our village, please stop by our office. We look forward to having each and everyone of you at our planning sessions. Thank you.

Kenneth Quanimptewa CD
P.O. Box 706
Village Committee
Hotevilla, AZ 86030
Ph. 734-2420

We wondered what this proposal meant. Have they decided to listen to the elders' advice? Not hardly, we think. It could be a lure to get us into their fold. They did not mention electricity, but once people get hooked to the utilities mentioned above they will want electric power. But according to the prophetic instructions of our Great Spirit, nothing was supposed to enter the village that still exerts its inherent powers under the Great Spirit, Massau. After purification and when we reclaim our full independence or autonomy, then we will get full benefit from the land to use them wisely, in good ways, not to destroy and without fear of pitfalls.


In the following we would like to share with you the views of progressive chairman Ivan Sidney, the statements he made about our meeting with UN observers in our village. What he thinks of our village leaders, their wrong doing. This statement was made through the tribal council newsletter. Give your attention to how he thinks and works. We quote him in part:

Tribal Chairman's Position on Hotevilla Village:

"There were only five traditionals supporting and representing Hopi position, house full of Big Mountain Navajos, their attorneys and nonindian supporters. I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if the investigating team had met only with these people at Hotevilla. Who are these few Hopis who claim to speak for the traditionals and try to dictate the future of the entire Hopi Nation? Just who are these Hopis who claim to speak the Hopi views and yet support the Navajo position? Either they are being manipulated and misled, but they do not speak for the Hopi people. They speak only for themselves. The activities of these Hopi individuals are becoming a concern among the Hopi people.

At a recent village meeting the village leadership requested the Tribal Council to begin investigation of these Hopis who are advocating on behalf of the Navajos and involving themselves with Big Mountain Legal Office. These Hopis are capitalizing on the land issue for their own personal and financial gain. Their activities jeopardize Hopi interests, hurting all the Hopi people. How much longer should we, as Hopis, tolerate their behavior? The same few Hopis are traveling nationally and internationally advocating for traditional Hopi position.

We, the Hopi people, have tolerated their outrageous behavior up to now. How many Hopi people had enough? Let us hear from Hopi Villages how they feel about these Hopis who are trying to give our land away. What should we do about these Hopis? There are nonindians who are helping breed dissension and conflict within Hopi people. We must awaken to this fact and not allow such outsiders to further factionalize the tribe."


After all this hassle, let us look at the brighter side of the picture. This is continued information of the UN observers report gathered regarding the traditional Hopi and Navajo tribe. Acted on by the subcommission on prevention of discrimination and protection of minorities.

Since the report is sketchy, we will put in writing here what happened at the Geneva hearing according to our understanding. The following organized tribes attended; Traditional Hopi and Navajo, Progressive Navajo and Hopi Tribal Councils. One representing each organization. Only the Traditional Hopi and Traditional Navajo spoke. The report is favorable, the resolution of Traditional Hopi was adopted. The proposal of 18 months moratorium proposed by Hon. J. Bates, Congressman and Honorable Senator Cranston. The idea that more time should be given to Navajo and Hopi to relocate and to a new proposal commission to complete both parties with more effective protection on human rights of both the traditional Hopi and Navajo. That advisory service should be made available to traditional Hopi people as soon as possible.

We think the result, thus far, in Geneva is promising. We pray this will bear fruit, but it will be a long fight. In our next issue we hope more information will be available. Meantime we hope you all consider and support the Congressman and Senator mentioned above to push the proposal through.


Now let us review our knowledge briefly, the centuries old prophecies which warned us what would happen when we forget the principles of right and wrong in our behavior. We will see extraordinary events in Nature and Earth, including mankind; because modern man ignores the wisdom of ancient culture and religion. Modern man looks upon old wisdom and knowledge as dead, useless and no longer respected.

Modern man began to depend on the money system and no longer on Mother Earth for food. According to prophecy when this happens Mother Earth will hide the nourishment which she provides because of the view that ancient food is poor man's food.

When all food disappears modern man will try to correct his mistake, the conditions he caused upon the earth through his inventions. He will try to achieve some kind of method to heal the wound, but this will not be possible when we reach the point of no return.

Only through peace the survival of mankind and our planet Earth is possible. Only if we, the human race, are willing to change.

We think our ancients are right. Perhaps we are now entering a new phase of life. We are waiting to see if this prophecy will be fulfilled. We have had less snow and rain during the spring and summer growing season. The land is very dry, our crops are very poor. Most of us planted only parts of the field, wherever we could. A number of people didn't bother to plant. So we will be lucky to get a sack full of harvest. A pity.

Good Day.

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