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The Earth is Sacred

From that profoundly simple truth the Hopis evolved and still live anting their sacred corn today in a remove village in Northern Arizona. But this Web page is not just about them; it is about a message they have for us all-a message based on a series of remarkable prophecies they were given a thousand years ago. Their elders tell us that their tiny village, Hoteville, is in fact a sacred microcosm of our world, that it holds the promise and the possibility of mankind's future on the planet. Could such a remarkable claim be true? What did the Hopi prophets see ten centuries ago that could be so relevant to humankind today? Learn for yourself the answers to those questions, and learn, too, of this courageous, tiny band of native Americans who have preserved an ancient tradition in the face of unbelievable odds and opposition. Return to this page again and again. You will find below the words and images which conveyed, in 44 newsletters published in the past 20 years, their story, their hopes, their difficulties and their message to us all. There is not a single person on this planet who will not learn by reading these stories how to live better with himself, his neighbors and his environment. We commend them to you, to us, to the survival of the human race.

Touch The Earth Foundation
[The contact information here has been removed as it was obsolete. If anyone can send us current contact information for Touch The Earth Foundation or Katherine Cheshire, please send info to Thank you.]

The shield symbol with its four
circles in four quadrants means:
"Together with all nations we
protect both land and life, and
hold the world in balance."