Issue Number 44

At one time Hopi learned wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy through their elders in order to live wisely. It is a pity in these changing times, that they hear no more, see no more, nor do they understand. Yet these wise teachings are the key to happiness and health.


In our last issue we talked about the law of Self-Sufficiency. There is another high universal spiritual law. The principle of this law is Temptation. It teaches that we must not be tempted into anything that will harm our way of life. We must not be tempted into anything which will get us intro trouble and produce problems so that we can maintain lasting peace and happiness. We are taught that temptation is evil, but the behavior of desire is strong within us and is hard to control, that temptation will weaken us as we Hopi pass into the world of foreign ideas.

It was foretold that many new things will be introduced. Many new advantages will come to hand. That we must be cautious and accept the least harmful things. Most important is that we must not involve ourselves with foreign law systems which will destroy us. It was foretold that when we get to this period of time we must choose which path to travel, the Bahanna or the Hopi way.

If along the way we get careless and forget the vows we made to the Great Spirit and the spiritual laws He gave us when He permitted us to live on this land it will be the sign we have forsaken Him. So still to this day Hotevilla Village has continued to stand firm under the spiritual laws and so is very cautious in accepting foreign ideas. Therefore Hotevilla is a unique village, different from other Hopi villages. Knowing that once we were lured into the temptation of the Bahanna system it would be the end of a true Hopi Village in Hopi land.

The teaching of our ancients is that the law of Temptation is dangerous. That it can destroy. They learned this by their experiences as they passed through previous worlds where each world was destroyed by temptation. We believe that it is this law which is producing the troubles and unrest throughout the world today.

Here are insights into two universal laws; Self-Sufficiency and the Law of Temptation.

The teaching is that there are two Great Spirit Massaus, a poor and a wealthy. The poor Massau lives in simple and humble ways. He travels the good path, teaches good ways of life. He only has a planting stick and the seeds in making his living. He is the caretaker of the land. When we destroyed our last world by our own corruption he permitted us to live on this land with him and use the land for all our needs and protected the land from harm. We made a commitment to obey his laws. We asked him to be our leader. He refused and said we have great ambitions in our hearts, that no until we fulfilled the journey ahead to good or bad, then he would be our leader. For he is the first and shall be the last.

The wealthy Massau lives in carelessly evil ways. He is crafty and wicked. He is boastful that he knows how to use his influence to sway people to his ways. He can destroy and teaches no love, only hate. We must always be aware of his intentions.

We believe that the meaning of this knowledge and wisdom in bahanna terms is that one signifies moral law and the other signifies material law. Perhaps few will accept what we say. The sad fact in this period of time is that not only Hopi, but people throughout the world are forsaking the teaching of poor Massau and his laws for better things. Or they could be choosing doomsday in following the wealth Massau. We are hopeful there may be one or two who still believe and are standing firm behind the poor Massau, the Great Spirit.


As we look on, many things have begun to happen and change rapidly. The world over, through the behavior and attitudes of mankind, old fashioned ideas are tossed by the wayside as new generations go marching into the future with their technological know how. We admit it creates many advantages, but on the other hand its effect on our way of life, at this stage our life style and food is not the same as it has been in years past. Farms have declined. Many of our religious ceremonials have vanished. What is left is losing its value and power rapidly as old religious leaders pass on. Now, you tell me, what can be done to save the last remnants of devoted Hopi?

We trust those with open minds will understand that this means our good ways of life are near the end for our future children to enjoy.

It seems the wise thing for those who are sincerely wanting to preserve what culture and tradition are left that they should stand firm on what our wise elders teach and be aware of the harmful elements.

There is a philosophy behind this. In which it is more important, at this time, to consider which life is best. Yes, if we had respected the doctrines and philosophy laid out by our Great Creator, it would still exist today. Sadly, it seems that world leaders have lost this knowledge by which they were supposed to lead their people.

As we all know in this era many things have come to pass. We can say it is part of the cycle of life since the beginning of time. From there we have carried the seeds of crisis for us to struggle with and contend with throughout our lifetimes to the end. The present crises of world events is an unfoldment of life cycles which we set in motion through our own behavior. This has caused an imbalance which will bring many problems. We have learned that when people reach great numbers and become highly civilized, soon the people will become a burden upon each other. This creates disharmony, power struggles, conflicts, and wars.


When war started in the Persian Gulf, outsiders asked what our views and feelings were about the war. Does it related in some way to our prophecy? Our answer was that Hopi was supposed to be modest, he is sensitive not to be boastful in what he says which might tend to be deceiving. Nor should Hopi boast of the personal capacity he may hold. He believes humbleness is important to keep his own values as a good Hopi. But he can talk about what he has learned from his wise elders' wisdom and knowledge, from the prophecies and spiritual instructions of our Great Spirit, Creator and Massau, and also from present or past oppressive problems which present truths to be heard. We do not take sides in any war because we are peaceful people. We know that for ages men are always fighting among themselves, accomplishing nothing which benefits common people. Only the wealthy gain advantage and get richer. Fighting only brings destruction, sorrow, and increasing problems to the multitude of common people no matter who wins the war. Those who are not given opportunities will revolt in certain ways to gain attention in order that they may get their share like any people who are able.


This is a prophecy related to the Biblical version of "Armageddon" which may yet come to pass. This prophecy goes on to say that the time will come when common people will become concerned and frustrated because they no longer can live with their hectic world. They will be particularly against the bloodthirsty policies and the deceitfulness of world leaders. The unrest will be world wide as they foresee that the hope of living in peace has become hopeless. The world over the common man will band together to fight for world peace. They will realize that their leaders have failed in accomplishing peace. People in high places will be hunted down like animals, perhaps through terrorism. In turn leaders will retaliate and begin hunting each other. This condition will gather strength and spread far and wide. It will get out of control the world over. Revolution could erupt on our land.

The liberators will come in from the west with great force. They will drop down from the sky like rain. They will have no mercy. We must not get on the house tops to watch. They will shake us by our ears, like children who have been bad. This will be the final decisive battle between good and evil. This battle will cleanse the heart of people and restore our mother earth from illness and the wicked will be got rid of.

The prophets dare say a peaceful new world order will be drawn in Hopi land. The people will live under one God and leader. We will speak one language, the Hopi. The earth will bloom again.

If this fails to materialize our Great Creator through nature will do the task according to their plans. It could be total destruction in any form. Only brother and sister will survive to begin a new way of life.

This prophecy is frightening and doubtful. Perhaps it is of no value to most people,b ut we can wait and see if it will become true. But don't forget the past. ancient history tells us that many mighty empires have fallen. The great Roman Empire only one of many.


Here we will briefly state our view concerning the United Nations. Since the UN has been established on our land, we Hopi, with respect, looked upon the UN as a sacred symbolic significance because of the prophetic knowledge and instruction to bring our message to world leaders. For several decades Hopi have made many attempts to fulfill this prophecy. It was a complete failure so we, with the help of the Human Rights Organization housed under the UN in Geneva, made a complaint against the US Government for wrongs done.

We received no positive response from world leaders. Our experience in the Geneva hearings as that activities there are political and are not based on the principles of spiritual laws. Rather things are controlled in a political way by the US Government and other world leaders so that our case would linger on indefinitely or perhaps become fruitless.

We find that aggressive, violent activities are given top attention. So since Hopi are struggling in peaceful ways our plight failed to arouse any interest and sympathy in getting most needed help in having Hopi recognized as an independent nation.

As we looked on the UN entered the Persian Gulf war while they supposedly follow their neutral tradition of resolving problems in peaceful ways, right or wrong.

Therefore we have come to the conclusion that world peace is becoming hopeless. There are still our instructions when we get to the point when leaders begin to corrupt, when relying on our leaders becomes impossible and our trust in them becomes dim. Not only Hopi, but other devoted people, will choose to follow and struggle for their rights under the law of our Great Creator. A law that never changes nor breaks down.


The following information is about our village of Hotevilla. As we know, people and the world have changed many times over when the leadership has failed to provide for the needs for people to have a comfortable living. Sadly, we have now reached this point again. Our younger generation are now leaning toward the materialistic world. Believing this path offers more meaningful in modern living, that this will get them away from the old style of living.

So a new leadership has emerged and will undergo reformation. Perhaps for the better in improving the social and political conditions between the diehard traditionalist and the progressive Hopi. We know this will happen when the old religious leaders fade out. This is also the aim of the Federal Government. Not everyone is happy about this new development or how it will affect our ways of life.

This new leadership will be under the Fire Clan. Who have been keepers of the sacred stone tablet in a way that is proper. We omit the head man's name so as not to offend him. We don't know his plan, but who knows, this leadership might lead us in the right direction. We can only pray they lead us according to the writing in their stone tablet. That is their task.

As of now we will not get into the deeper details. However, here is something to ponder.

It is true they had held the responsibility for leadership after their uncle, Chief Yokiuma, died. The founder of our village, his clan relative, took over. But along the way he made mistakes so he split away for five decades. He did not cooperate with village religious leaders in their struggle for survival. He has been in the background, sometimes engage in joint activities with the progressive Hopi Council and the Federal Government so that they recognize him as rightful chief. The new leader is a copy. These findings lead some people to be concerned that they can hardly trust him. We must trust him and not come to the conclusion that he is unworthy to be a leader unless his moves become improper.


We regret to inform our readers that his is our final issue. The editor wishes to retire and rest due to age and handicaps of hearing and eyesight, in addition to a number of other things such as increased mailing and printing costs, etc. He wishes to devote his time to farming.

This does not mean we give up resisting in order to live our own way of life. We remnants of devoted Hopi will continue to have faith in our all-powerful Creator, for from Him we receive our guiding thoughts in our efforts in restoring harmony among all life and land. We will pray for success for the purpose we set out to do on this earth.

We thank all our readers for their support and interest through all these years. Most of all we want to thank Onaway Trust of England, who helped make it possible to reach the outside world. All of you will be in our hearts in remembering you. So please don't forget us.

Our mailing address will be open for questions.

Thank you.

For years Hopi have been actively informing the world's people of our plight in trying to survive and informing them of the future fate of mankind, based on our prophecies. Up to this time there has been no positive action, no response from people in high places. They heed us not, so nations the world over are in trouble. By their cleverness they have become involved in a world of their own design, believing a new design planned by world leaders would bring a peaceful world order, for everlasting peace.

For ages there have been wars and fighting because of corruption and greed among the nations extending down to common societies. In reality, we learn that wars have never accomplished any peace. We also learned land fights and domestic problems can be resolved by strength, whoever has the meanest, loudest voice and the most muscle or financial resources will claim disputed property as their own. We can sit on our claims and fend off challengers, but no matter who says, "stop that," they, the most powerful, usually get their way in the end.

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