Issue Number 28

Sadness and Hope

Greetings from Hopi Land. We hope everything is well with you. With us for some time we feel somewhat gloomy and dejected but we know all good things come to an end.

We know that we should not grieve over the mistakes our youngsters made or let their insulting remarks hurt us. They were inspired by older progressives. They do not know what they are doing. This is about the repairs to the trail down to the spring. Because of its sacredness the procedure was improperly done through not consulting the religious leaders for advice.

After some years of friction between the young progressives and the old traditional Hopi because of the incoming bahanna elements the progressives formed what they called the "Hotevilla Village Committee." When this was formed they attempted to make improvements for the village without consulting the village leader. They had a sudden change of heart to establish the village as a traditional village and had approached on their own a department of the BIA and the Tribal Council. At this time they were having trouble with a neighboring village expanding into our land. We were delighted they decided to support the elders. Most of our people were swayed into the belief they would merge with the elders.

They proposed to repair the trail to the spring. As the time for the work approached for the work to begin the leaders expected them to come and seek advice as customary. Instead they started the work themselves and were confronted by the leaders, but in vain. The elders had been deceived which really broke their hearts. They were badly insulted and told that they were useless now and should not interfere. That they had not after many years made any apparent progress for the village. That it is now time for the young progressives to do it themselves. Many things they said condemned the old order of the village and the top leaders.

So in their own way they demolish the significance of what the trail represents. A sacred pathway used for religious ceremonial purposes. The result is that their actions reawaken friction within our own village community. We trust it will heal so that we will again be able to depend on one another for the good of the Community.


When a new government was established upon Hopi land the Hopi knew this new establishment would be a threat to our land and our way of life. This threat was not long in coming. The first demand was to cooperate. AT first all the villages resisted. Then pressure was applied and one by one the weaker villages fell, including our mother village Oraibi. This was the beginning of friction among our people.

Yokiuma, the caretaker of the sacred stone tablet, was appointed to lead the so-called Hostile Hopi. It became clear that people with widely different concepts cannot keep peace while living together. Chief Yokiuma made the decision to move his followers to a new location in order for them to follow the original Hopi path and maintain their belief that one day they will reach their goal of freedom and live according to the divine laws given by the Great Creator. The laws which Hopi believe are everlasting. Yokiuma was willing to sacrifice himself to overcome obstacles and resist oppressive forces in order to fulfill the writing on his stone tablet. If he was fortunate the reward would be delivered in the end.

Yokiuma founded Hotevilla, the last stronghold of natives on this continent. On this basis the traditional Hopi accepted the help of the National Park Service, United States Dept. of the Interior, to be placed on the National Register of Historic places as of October 1, 1984ce. We thank the NPS for their help.

Since this new turn of events may be unclear to our readers if approved by the leaders we will make it clearer. We know you all are anxious to know how by the number of letters we received. We are grateful for your concern, our feelings are good.

The following is one of the documents during the period of the establishment of Hotevilla.


(A report by Gertrude Gates who was among the first Bahanna employed in Hopi Indian Service by the Federal Government before the split in Oraibi Village in 1906ce, Sept. 6th. This report was sent to the Commissioner in Washington, DC. Since this report is too lengthy to quote in its entirety we print only the high points which Hotevilla people pronounce un-Hopi to this day.

"Having been present at the culmination of disruption of the Hopi Village of Oraibi on date named above I write the following statement of my knowledge of the affair.

"On day in Sept. 1906 we received word that Tawakwaptewa, Chief of the Friendly party, had the night before gathered his men at his house and spent the night in council and other preparations for an attack on the Hostiles the following morning. That he has announced to the village his intentions of driving out the Hostiles and all others taking their part.

"Early in the morning me and Miss Keith went up to the village to Chief Tawakwaptewa's house to tell the friendly party not to engage in fighting with arms or else (there would be) consequences. They acknowledged having guns and revolvers. We left and as in Hostile house assembled with Chief Yukioma, no arms were visible. Suddenly the door opened which filled with men crowding rabidly into the room led by Tawakwaptewa and we white folks were ordered to leave the room at once. The melee was beginning when I, the last "Pahana" going out, found myself jostled into the little plaza. Entering it seemed full of excited Hopis running to the house, where we just came. As I remained on the edge of the scrimmage I saw six or eight of the older Hostile leaders being dragged out of the house by their arms, legs, and hair. Three or more of the attacking party seizing one victim, dragged one hostile aside from the center of excitement and there pounced upon him with fists and feet, kicking and beating him fiercely, group of young men insulting and maltreating old Yukioma, the Hostile Chief. I reproved them and was rudely shoved toward the wall by one of the progressive Friendlies. The Hostiles resisted such treatment but were overpowered by numbers. Soon a shout was heard, "It is finished, Yokiuma's son is killed!" proven untrue, just knocked out by pouncing feet upon his middle. I checked the wild behavior of the Friendlies somewhat and Yokiuma was released. I passed on Northward, the direction which a surging, struggling stream of humanity poured forth from the village. Shoved, dragged, pulled, those who (were) resisting had their clothing torn and getting bruised and scratched, women and children crying and frightened. Friendlies men and women shouting insulting remarks. Later informed were the words, "Ha, Ha, You are leaving Hopi world forever. You will become Navajo. Why you wearing Pahana material? Take them off, for you choose not Pahanna life!"

"By high noon all Hostiles were gathered at the outskirt of the village. About 3 pm I saw Yokiuma quietly leave the knot of men surrounding him and work toward the Holevello trail, all of his people then moved after him as rapidly. I hung my head with shameful tears. What have they done, I pray our Almighty to watch over them. This is not a dream, its real.

"Some weeks later outside most pahanna presses had an exciting hey day about the savage Hopi. Headlines crying, "War Dances are said to be held nightly by members of Hopi tribe. Missionaries are leaving."

(San) Bernardino Herald, Nov. 22, 1906. According to Robert Cooper and two nephews arrived here today from Oraibi on the Ariz.-N. Mexico boundary, bringing information that the settlers are fleeing from threatened uprising of the Hopi Indians.

Robert Butler, one of the men, said that for weeks the Indians have been restless and last week they ordered the settlers to leave the region.

Their warlike demonstrations caused general stampede. All the homesteaders, who have not left the country, have their families away and have united to protect their cattle.


In our last issue we promised to give you some insight into our prophecy. Here in a brief glance is how Hopi see the coming events. Although the Hopi do not have a definite day or year when certain extraordinary events will occur, all we can say is, "Maybe in your life, maybe in your children's lives or their children's." for your better understanding we will provide some necessary background information.

Since all men are created as sacred, as humans we were placed upon this earth for a purpose. That is, to take care of the land and protect the earth from harm and to enjoy all the things it offers for a long time to come. On the other hand, if we fail to live up to this law of creation the consequences will be that we lose the land. This is the Universal Planned Structure laid out by our Great Creator.

It was foretold that one day a strange people will come upon our land. When they came we were instructed to walk cautiously and to be watchfully alert to their ways of thinking and behaving. After many years they arrived, the white skinned people (Bahanna). This era was the beginning of decline. The old Natural Order began diminishing and continues to do so up to this day, extending to all parts of the world in just the way it was prophesied.

This came about with the introduction of know how (technology) and new life styles. For this turns the hearts of people to new things from the old, blemishing the old traditions and culture. That we (Hopi) may even lose our identity by denouncing our language, Traditional Culture, and spiritual beliefs.

However at this period of time it is not totally lost until it becomes history. If we are fortunate our ways of life will survive and continue on symbolizing the global balance, proving that the words of our prophets are right.

We have said that Hopi predictions have no positive set date, but the Hopi have ways of seeing the coming future. That is, by watching the natural balance of the earth, humans, and the behavior and activities of the wild species. We know they have a power of sensibility in detecting dangerous or pleasant surroundings. The most important factor we were instructed to watch is mankind because he will become the most mindless and heedless foe of earth and nature. Therefore mankind is our chief source of information for seeing into the future. That in time he would reach his desired goal through his actions and deeds. Gradually he will decide the future of the world by lowering the important value of the Creators law. Whether actions in ignoring the Creators laws will bring prosperity or disaster for mankind he believes he can solve the world problems to better our way and bring peace.

Our views concerning the evidence we see today around the world seems similar to Hopi lands situation, a world of madness. Hopi have the proud name "Peaceful" which they seem to forget. What is happening around the world is disturbing. We can look at it as if it were going on outside of our own world, but remember it is of our own making that we are sucked into it by our own free will. Here are a few things for you to think about:

We see immorality flourishing, corruption everywhere. Men in high places promoting mighty, still more destructive instruments of war which threaten to wipe out the world and its people. We see the abuse of the earth for its resources, for wealth and power and for destructive purposes. By doing so polluting the air, water, and land, depleting the soil where once all plants grew healthy. Drying up and destroying the forests. The earth's wonderful numbers of life species becoming extinct because of man's carelessness. The result is the old, original natural order is disturbed causing climate changes to descend upon all parts of the country.

What about a coming ice age and other frightful prophecies? It may be possible but at least we can hope and pray that our mother nature's computer is wrong. What about Bahanna's nuclear bomb Armageddon ideology? It is possible this also depends on Bahanna Chiefs pressing the button. Do not worry, this might not happen in your lifetime. Hopi believe the Creator with Nature will decide the course. Keep strong.

"Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away." Revelation 21:1

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