Scene of Hotevilla

Issue Number 27

Greetings, no doubt many of you are anxious to hear from us about the situation here in our village. We are pleased to inform you that some of the worrisome problems have calmed down. So, after long years of oppression, we at last are more relaxed in living our life style in the way it should be. We are hoping this will lead us to peaceful ways of life. Perhaps some day the solution will be found to free us from anxiety, the spook created in our own minds through long experience of the ordeals in the hands of our oppressors. We pray that this time compassion will be given so that we may be free to be independent.


When we were youngsters our elders gave us much advice, or perhaps a better expression would be the facts of life. Because of our lack of understanding at our early age we would rather play than listen to their old songs which we had heard many times before. They would begin by saying: That each of us are put on this earth to do some task, that is, to fulfill our life purpose. We come at different times with others to follow us just as we follow those who have gone before. They say we come to this world just to visit. Our behavior is tested and then we go one to the next phase or sequence of life. Some of us leave good marks, some do not, based upon what we leave are we judged. As we are fulfilling our lives, we search for the best way to satisfy our life style. Along the way, our elders said, the people and the world will change. Factions will develop in Hopi land. The Hopi must search and choose the best suited path of life which will best satisfy his ideal way of life. The Hopi must compromise and adjust his life accordingly, hoping he has chosen the best way for his happiness. They say our life is one great play or drama in which we all take our part when our turn comes. We are the actors. We are all given different tasks to perform which will bring benefits and good things, or will produce evil things. We, on this earth, are also gifted with different religions to guide us in good ways. Some will forget the right ways, many will be pretenders, but our elders say the best way is not to forsake the Great Creator's divine laws. The time will come when we put material laws above the Great Spirit's laws. But still, in time of need, the wealthy, the poor and the disbelievers will abandon things to the Great Spirit for His help. Thus proving we cannot stray away from the common belief that there is an unseen Power which affects our lives. Our elders say this Power exists so that we may work with this Power to do the tasks we are gifted with. Don't let the burden of worries trouble you into sickness. Let your hearts be filled with happiness, enjoy your lives to the fullest for this is the best medicine for sickness. Live long for there are great exciting adventures awaiting you. So time passes on and the prophecies of our ancient people begin to unfold. Many great events lie before us and we are witnessing with astonishment to this day that our ancients words were right.


The Hopi tribe, both progressive and traditionals, are now entering the most critical period of their long history on this land. It is time now for each village the Hopi people must recall and reflect on the prophecies handed down from our elders which are the instructions, guidelines and historical bases for this period of time. Because of the differences in knowledge among Hopi and the outsiders we expect critics and perfectionists will quickly jump on the move we have made. It may become controversial because of the feeling that top leaders everywhere are not trustworthy in keeping their words of promise. We are hoping this will not affect us in our conclusions so that we drop the whole matter. We are talking about a project we are considering with the help of the National Park Service. This might be the opportunity hr us to become a fully recognized independent nation. Let us remind you of the questions put before the National Park Service in our last issue. Their response was that they gave careful attention to our questions, and did give truthful answers, but because of limited space we must omit the full response. Instead we will quote in part their replies which we think will serve as well. The following information is taken from a staff official meeting which stresses strongly the problems of Hotevilla Village:

From the directors:

It seems clear that the resolution to your problems do not lie in designating Hotevilla a National Historic Site, under which it would be acquired by the National Park Service and open for public visitation. Such a situation might actually increase the pressure upon Traditional ways rather than to protect them.

There are other types of historical designation, however, that might be of interest to you. Listing in the National Register of Historic Places, for example, has no effect upon property ownership, sovereignty, or public visitation. The National Register of Historic Places is a special listing maintained by the National Park Service, as authorized by legislation. Nominations are generally made from the states in which the specific historical site is located. It has sometimes been used by cities, towns as the foundation for preservation plans, in which the community makes decisions about what kind of development will be allowed ant whether new development will be (excluded) from certain sections. It is important to understand that we could only offer advice and that only the people of Hotevilla can actually carry out the historic preservation approaches that might resolve the conflicts about which you are concerned.

(Excerpts from a second letter.)

I have done considerable research in (an) attempt to give you an opinion on the desirability of naming your village either to the National Register or as a National Historical Site. The National Register would provide the best protection with the least amount of red tape. But it still implies that the Federal Government might be able to intervene and cause (you) to do something that you might not agree with. Finally, I think I have a solution which k better than both. Actually, we use the wording of the National Register Legislation to achieve what we want. The law says that if your site is considered eligible for nomination to the National Register then the same protection applies to it as if it were actually on National Register.

Here is a letter from a person who attended the staff meeting.


The Director is concerned about the sovereignty of sacred lands belonging to Hopi people. Special attention was given to the point that the privacy of the Hopi people should be protected and guarded against Federal involvement in the Village matter(s) of any sort.

I spoke on the great concern of the Traditional Leaders to hold fast to the land and protect it at all times against modern Bahana culture. It is (an) American sacred trust to protect this great heritage. The Hopi Traditional ways of life must be protected! All agreed!! (End of quote.)

This project will be based on the past history of Hotevilla, also the culture and tradition. Here follows a glimpse of trouble due to Government. Agencies intervene into Hopi way of life. More communications between Washington and Hopi Agency will-follow.


Oraibi, AZ 9/9/'06

Hon. Francis C. Leupp

Commissioner Indian Affairs

Dept. of Interior, Wash., D.C.

Twenty years of factional strife between Oraibi liberal and conservative parties reached crisis today by liberals forcing ejection all conservatives from the Village. Agent Lemmon absent Stanley Keith, Epp Gates secured concessions from aggressive party laying aside arms, granting right of removal of personal property and retention of crops and herds. None seriously hurt. Conservatives camping Hot Well Spring. Stanley Keith reported to agent. He advised both factions to observe Truce. Awaiting your action. Hoping for your speedy presence which I earnestly recommend. In dispossession of houses are aggressive Hopis. Subject to penalty under Federal or Territorial Law is it eviction. Courier awaits answer Winslow.

Gertrude Lewis Gates

Preparing peaches for drying.


Most people will view this story as just another legend or myth. However, the Hopi were instructed not to forget this knowledge about the power of the land of Ice. It is a prophecy handed down to us from generations ago and the Hopi still believe it has a true historical basis. No doubt critics will frown on our statements and take it as just another Hopi doomsday prophecy. We will summarize our story so it will not be too lengthy.

When the first people emerged upon this land from the underworld they were met by Massau, the Great Spirit, the Caretaker of the land and His helpers. He saw they were identical so He divided them into groups. Each group He gave a name and a separate language. Each group received a religion and instructions. Each group was given a special food for nourishment and shelters of different types then clan memberships within each group for mutual respect and different tasks which they must uphold for the benefit of all life and land.

From the Hopi group (the name they received) He selected four clans; Bear, Fire, Spider and Snake clan members, for special duty. He endowed them with magical powers of warmth and taming powers over a cold climate. They were to go on a special mission to the Land of Ice. They were instructed to melt the ice with the Magic Songs and Prayers He taught them. They were told the ice is growing and sometime in the future will mature and will travel southward or will explode bringing grave misfortune, for this had occurred before.

They begin their preparations, storing food, weaving coverings, and making other things needed for travel to the Land of Ice. Finally they started traveling Northward for some years. This took some years for they had to stop to rest, build their houses and prepare fields for planting so as to have food with them always. After years of traveling they finally reached the Land of Ice. First they made shelter for it was very cold. Then they commenced to sing their Magic Songs and smoked and prayed. The ceremonial began with the Bear clan, next day it was the Fire clan followed by the Spider clan. The Snake clan was last. Each day the ice defrosted to some degree until only about four inches were left when their songs ended. But they were instructed not to repeat the ceremonial. They had done their best and must return to continue their migration... We were warned the ice will grow again. Should the clans with the controlling powers vanish or stray away from the great laws of the Creator, there will be no way of stopping the ice build up. So the time will come when we will experience late springs and early frosts, this will be the sign of the returning Ice Age.

Bahanna's theory of the Ice Age and Solar Age.

Now, let us give our attention to scientists and researchers findings regarding the Solar Ice Age. The question is how much time is left before it is hopeless to make an attempt in preserving civilization by stopping the fast approaching new ice age?

They are now doing their best to inform people and the top leaders of the world. They claim it is absolutely essential to take action in preventing a new glacial period, otherwise we face serious consequences.

The theory is that approaching glaciers will be well on their way by 1995ce. The earth warming 'greenhouse effect' will play a big part because of the increasing rise in content of atmospheric carbon dioxide gas. The effect would be a changing climate worldwide, droughts, high winds and storms resulting in increased erosion and an increase in volcanic activity which would result in an increase in ice at the earth's poles. Depletion of soil minerals will cause forest and agricultural plants to die. We think their forecast is very frightening so we suggest those who care about coming generations should write to: Hamaker-Weaver Publishers, Box 1961, Burlingame, California 94010 for more information.

Indeed the message is frightening. Since our prophecy is closely related to the above theory, we read their message with interest. We are also pleased with the past several years since our prophecies have drawn much interest and have aroused much attention from the outside world. Right or wrong, we believe another Ice Age is in the making. However, we also believe this disastrous event can be averted when all Mankind returns to the original divine laws of the Great Creator... There is often the question of why the Hopi are so positive in their prophecies and claims of fulfillment. What proof do they have? How do they see these things? In our next issue we will give you some insight into this. Good day.

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