Issue Number 24


Greetings, first of all we thank our readers for the support and encouragement you give that we must hold fast to our ideals. No matter how gloomy our future looks. We appreciate your love and your unselfish giving and sharing with us, not taking, so we can continue to share our message and knowledge with you. We appreciate your concern that our ways must survive. Through your encouragement we have gathered much strength to struggle on for our rights, to live the way that is best for us.

In spite of all the world problems we must put them aside and be happy that the season for earth renewal has arrived. We should be eager to be active outdoors in our gardens and fields. By the warmth of our father Sun the germs of seeds will stir within our mother Earth and come forth and clothe her with the garments of green meadows, flowers, and crops for the nourishment of all life. This will be so if the time plan of the yearly cycle is in balance.

We are much concerned about the climate. No one seems to be able to predict the weather accurately from day to day. However, we know according to our time markers that it is past due for certain seeds to be planted at their proper time. This spring we are reluctant to plant due to the late snow and cold weather.

Once more maybe our ancient Prophecy is right, that one day we will plant wearing finger sacks (gloves) clearing away snow with our feet before planting. The summers will become shorter for maturing the corns for harvesting. The result is anybody's guess.



At this time we will respond to the people who have requested us to explain our opinions, views and interpretation concerning the film titled "Koyannisqatsi" by Godfrey. We hope no offense will result.

First, let us define briefly the word Koyannisqatsi, it can be expressed in many ways. It is a charm or a power of temptation to induce a change in life to new ways from the old. Inducing charmed people into power and wealth without regard to the means. Charming people into believing an Army and weapons will make peace. Charming people into immorality, with sex opposing the natural laws. Charming the people into believing that there is nothing wrong in abusing the earth and the universe. You name it for you are living in it.

Our opinion is, since each of us understands through a different level of knowledge, no doubt not everyone can receive the meaning. Since the film is based on Hopi prophecy, understanding can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with, or have only a limited knowledge of Hopi prophecy. However, the film is good and inspiring because it is intended to make people aware of the ways we live today and to be cautious of their way of behavior.

Our views: We look at the film from a spiritual point of view. As if it were speaking through the mouth of the Creator and his Assistants. Reminding us of our past history and the mistakes we made in our past worlds. That through our cleverness we destroyed our good ways of life and the land. They pity the human race, that we have not learned from our past history and are gradually drifting back toward a doomsday. They have watched our activities in that we are living extremely fast exciting lives. Living in confusing and dangerous days with weapons of death and destruction spotted over the face of the earth, believing that this act would bring peace to the world.

They see in our hearts a great plan to fulfill our desires. The plan is like a drama or play. As they perceive us the people of all nations will be the actors or players, we will be positioned and readied so that the drama is in order before one of the nations will signal for the curtain to rise. This will be our world's last act. That is unless you wake up and set your course away from "Koyannisqatsi."


Herein we attempt to interpret the meaning of what we saw through the vision focused on the film "Koyannisqatsi." It is intended to tell the audience through the mouth of our Great Creator of our past and of today's world. Here He speaks, "My dear children, I am the Creator and your Father. Beside Me are My Assistants, with their blessings you are what you are today. We are among you always in spirit and are watching over you. We saw in your hearts a great ambition. We appear here to warn you once more. We see you straying away from the Original Path which we bestowed on you. Your minds and actions are gradually drifting into folly, you must find a way back to the original path.

"You have journeyed afar to all parts of the land and have explored the unique features of the landscapes. You were inspired by the natural beauty of the scenery, you Iooked upon it with pleasure. You were awed by how attractive and beautiful it stands. You gave whispers of thanks to the Maker so others who come will share the scenic landscape with joy and happiness.

"Sadly, My children, you did not understand. These unique formations are not created for your pleasure, they are there for certain purposes. They are the reminders of the past, the mistakes of the wrong past deeds of man. They are the symbols of penalty, punishment received. It is up to you. If you have received this message and revise and remove the faults you created, We will give time to you. Otherwise there will be no more.

"We saw the conflict of Nations against Nations, evil people against the people who saw the consequences fast approaching. We saw the mystic fog covering the planet. We see the world leaders with tongues that deceive you into following them and in believing that they will bring peace with weapons and mighty armies. You are abusing the earth with your powerful tools. You are abusing the natural order of the soil for your own profit from the crops it produces. In many ways have you violated the earth. Above all the powerful weapons are in your hands which will doom the world to a likeness of the moon. We too have weapons that no man on earth will tame. We leave you now to the hour of your decision and judgment."

To some people the above words may seem childish and have only a thread of truth, so that it would be foolish to either believe or disbelieve. It would also be equally foolish to reject the words out of your mind even though it may give you a creepy feeling.


We wish that we could write something that would make you laugh and be happy. It seems we always lay grief on your shoulders, all the time telling tales of doomsday. We feel very humble that you must be getting tired of hearing of our problems. We seem helpless to do anything. That's OK because the efforts you put behind us are strong. It is like a cane we can lean on so that we won't fall.

It seems the Hopi people are always having friction. Between the Traditional Hopi and the Progressive Hopi. This is a sickness which refuses to heal. We call this the bahanna germ, a sure killer that has spread to every village. When one family decides to bring into their home a Bahanna convenience, such as water or an electric line, this creates friction between the one who wants it and those who oppose it. From this situation the titles were born, Traditional and Progressive Hopi. The friction goes on and on until one falls, usually the Traditional Hopi. Right now only the Traditional Hotevilla Hopi has the Upper hand, this you know.

Now the sickness has infected the Progressives. There is now friction between progressive and progressive In one village the progressive Hopi have had a dispute with progressive teachers over a school problem. So here friction developed between the progressive Hopi and the progressive teachers. In this case the angry progressive teachers arc suing troublesome progressive Hopi. So the progressive Hopi asked the progressive Hopi Chairman for support. The progressive Chairman did not respond. So friction grew between the progressive Hopi and the progressive Chairman. In the meantime the progressive Hopi chairman made friends with his long time foe, the progressive Navajo Chairman, to settle the land question. The progressive Hopi reject this idea so more friction developed between the progressive Hopi and the progressive Chairman. The friction has become so bad that the progressive Hopi have passed a petition to kick the progressive Chairman out of office. At this writing it has not been resolved.

Meanwhile the Traditional Hopi sit back rested in leisure, we mean we can rest our minds from the troublesome problems which could reawaken any day. We are not exactly rested for there seems to be a wedding revolution in Hopi land. It seems Hotevilla weavers always get the job of weaving the bridal robes and making the buckskin moccasins and all that goes with them. The robe weavers complained that they arc tired and they must also tend their fields. So they wish the youngsters would slow down on their romances. Good day.

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  • The shield symbol with its four
    circles in four quadrants means:
    "Together with all nations we
    protect both land and life, and
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