Issue Number 21


We were shocked when word came that workmen were beginning something up on the hill part of Hotevilla land. It was hard to believe and we wondered why we were not notified by whoever wanted to use the land for some purpose.

Our reaction was not a happy one. We wonder when will people understand us and let us live in peace. If only they would listen to our reasons. But we know it is useless, we know from past experience over the years what we can do. The fact is they know we are helpless within legal terms. Which is to say the bahana's help is in doubt, they know the technicalities which often bar them from helping us (the traditionals) so they are helpless to act. There is also the expense involved which is always a drawback in getting a legal defense. The expenses involved in a court fight are more than we have. No government institution will help us because it is part of their program to destroy us so that they can do whatever they wish with our land. So in view of all are the pretensions of those in high places, even to their own race. This in spite of our ancient teachings that the Creator, the Great Spirit is the highest and in obeying His laws is the true strength.

Now, you may not know that "Qua'Toqti" the puppet press, has been reawakened by the same family of Mormons, and Mr. Sekaquaptewa, the former Tribal Chairman. Within a few days it cried out about the new development. Here we quote in part:

"The erection of a 150,000 gallon water storage tank near the village of Hotevilla and Bacabi has brought on another round of talk among people trying to understand one another regarding new services to the village."

Then it continued:

"Hotevilla is resistant to accept such convenience within Hotevilla Village because of a strong belief that acceptance would mean indebtedness, down the road, to the dominant white society. This belief is strongly advocated by Traditionalists and their followers."

Percy Lomaquahu states, that this new service will benefit both villages. In regards to the land, that his concern is (with) future population growth that will expand into the area. The Hopi Agency, B.I.A. and Public Health have fully agreed to support the project. The Hopi Chairman will support it on the basis that Hopi people must drink.

During these hectic days we now learn that electric power lines will also be installed in the village, so we will have many fights on our hands this Spring and Summer.

In an effort to have people understand and also in hope for support we have replied in written form to challenge the promoter, explaining from their viewpoint why it is wrong. This document and letters are sent to the various departments through channels and to institutions and key organizations, both in the United States and abroad. Copies of these documents are available. Write to this paper.


Land--Water storage tank

Percy Lomaquahu

The Sovereign Hopi Independent Nation, Traditional Community of Hotevilla Village, wish to contest proposed land give-away and construction of a water storage tank made by Percy Lomaquahu, resident of Hotevilla, Bacabi and the town of Winslow. We hereby challenge his action on the grounds of improperly assumed authority and land claim for we know that the document which he drew up is in our opinion fraudulent. On this day March 25, 1982 he was called to (a) meeting to explain his action to the leaders and people of Hotevilla Villages but failed to appear.

Those are the grounds on which we challenge him:

1. That he does not hold any rank in village official status to authorize construction of water storage tank and sharing of land with Bacabi Village.

2. That he is in conflict with Hotevilla's doctrine or traditional code of laws concerning this land and the situation of Bacabi village also (in) accordance of their doctrine.

3. That his title to the land was not on file in office of Hopi Agency, supposed to be endorsed by the official of the village and the owner of the land as practiced by progressive Hopi.

4. That he did not receive the authority of Hotevilla leaders to give away Hotevilla land and construction of water tank.

5. That in any case, Talashongnewa would never have given the land to Lomaquahu and his brother without advice from Hotevilla Village authorities because Talashongnewa was fully pledged to Hopi religious code of laws.

6. The land in question, the time the proposal was drawn, 1977, the land was not used by Talashongnewa nor the large area claimed by Lomaquahu, therefore by the traditional rules it is being held in common by the Hotevilla village and is not the property of any individual. Bacabi Village is excluded from this land, on basis that rules and doctrines for the village were already set, at the time Bacabi was settled by Kewanumptewa, the leader and founder.

7. That none of the documents presented were signed by members of Hotevilla Village, traditionals or progressives.

8. That Lomaquahu is deliberately interfering in order to undermine the sovereignty of Hotevilla Village. He is self-proclaimed leader and owner of this land, without any support from Hotevilla Village. We challenge that the statements made in his documents are all fabricated.

If Hotevilla allow the water storage tank and well and land giveaway to occur, that land (will) be lost to Hotevilla. The members of Hotevilla Village who occupy and use the land in this area will eventually be under the domain of Bacabi Village. We believe that no members of Hotevilla would want to merge with Bacabi Village, which is a different entity.

Truly and honestly without fear in defending our village autonomy, we the leaders of Hotevilla Village Independent nation sign our names:

This life cycle is also known as the ceremonial cycle. An ending and beginning, or an ending of a time and a new life. When this cycle ends we give thanks to our guiding spirits and Mother Earth for their care. We give thanks for our health and nourishment, for completing the cycle with all life and we pray and ask for the same during the coming new cycle. We often hear our Grandmothers and Grandfathers saying, "Thank you. Thank you, my guiding spirit for the care in making it possible for me to complete this cycle. I wish to be here next year." This Thanksgiving is not only for ourselves, it includes all life. We must all keep strong and pray that we all reach the end of this years cycle with good health and peace. Happy Thanksgiving.

So, in 1906 they left. They were the true believers in the words of the Great Spirit, the Creator carrying with them their most sacred possession, the stone tablet which was their title to the land and power of authority. Thus Hotevilla Village was founded. There they planted the spiritual power to keep all life and land and heavenly bodies in balance. The sacred pipe was passed and an oath of commitment was made to uphold the purpose upon which the village was based, to protect and defend them from harm.

We know that this is all hocus pocus and melodrama to the Bahanna and the progressive Hopi Governments. The oath of commitment is not written In words, but it is as good as the written constitution of the Bahanna. We hope some of you will agree. We know, and no doubt the Government and Puppet Tribal Council know that Hopi is deteriorating,. Sadly they don't seem to care.


This is a coil basket symbolizing the road of life. It is called "Boo-da", meaning some great test which we will experience during our journey.

Hopi tradition says we started our travel from the center or beginning of life, when life was perfect. But soon we began to face new obstacles. Small groups of ambitious minded men wanted to change their ways away from the original path. There were only small groups at first, but with time they increased to great numbers. Those who wanted to keep to their original ways became fewer and fewer. Since mankind has lost peace with one another through the conflict because of the new ways, the Great Spirit, the Great Creator has punished the people in many ways. Through all of this there was always a small group who survived to keep the original ways of life alive. This small group are those who adhere to the laws of the Creator, who keep the spiritual path open, out from the circle of evil. According to our knowledge we are not quite out of the circle.

The men with ambitious minds will decrease, while the people of good hearts, who live in harmony with the earth, we will increase until the earth is rid of evil. If the Hopi are right this will be accomplished and the earth will bloom again. The spiritual door is open, why not join the righteous people.

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  • The shield symbol with its four
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