For this special task, he has chosen as his communicator and articulator Thomas E. Mails, author and illustrator of 10 previous books written and published over a period of nearly 30 years about Native American individuals and cultures of North America. Seven of them, including this one, are the direct result of his being asked by tribal spiritual leaders such as Fools Crow, the last Ceremonial Chief of the Teton Sioux, to write them. His writings are available everywhere in the world, including French and German translations of several, and by mid-1995, three of them will be offered as books on tape by Council Oak Books, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His classic Mystic warriors of the Plains was a primary resource book for the epic film, Dances With Wolves, and he is presently a consultant for the Ted Turner film about the Cherokees, entitled Trail of Tears. The Kwadi Dancer Scout troop of Amarillo, Texas, is planning a soon to be built building which will feature a special room that will bear Mr. Mail's name and house his extensive collection of resource materials, including many of his original drawings and paintings.

How to Order the New Book
To order this remarkable record of the Hopi elders and their prophecies, please contact Touch the Earth Foundation. The quality paperback edition is now available for $25. The hard bound edition is $40. Plus shipping and handling, which are $3.50 and $5.50 respectively.

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